If you are interested in representation, please click on the button below.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting.

1) Photos - please submit jpgs labeled Lastname_Firstname and then number them like this  Smith_Mary_Photo1, Smith_Mary_Photo2.  If you are under 18, they don't need to be professional headshots, but they should be well lit and of only the child (nobody else in the photo please). Adults, we prefer and expect professional headshots.

2) Resume - which lists credits & training. This should be in PDF form and labeled Smith_Mary_Resume. For children under 18, we are more interested in training and an idea of what types of things they have been doing, and please make sure it includes current height & weight and date of birth. Please include union status.


3) Clips - For Children under 18 -- Links to clips of acting, singing, dancing. It's best if they are solo performances. You will be asked to copy/paste LINKS in the form. Please do NOT upload actual video files. YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, GoogleDrive links are all fine.  Please do not send a clip of a group recital or school play with many other children in the shot.We need to be able to easily see and hear YOUR child.  It can even be filmed on your phone at home.   


ADULTS 18+ - please have clips in your Actors Access profile (preferred), Backstage profile or on your website. To be seriously considered as an adult client, you must have have an Actors Access account and be able to share that link with us on our submission form below.

If you realized your made a mistake on your submission or forgot to include something, please do not call or email. Just resubmit and include everything in the submission - and you can put a note that it's a resubmission.